About Us

Urmi Furniture & Wood Works ltd, Show you some of the most interesting items of our furniture production. A modern furniture firm working in wood sector and equipped with up to date machinery and sound experienced staffs, is able to supply you with any kind of wood products for both small and larger houses, Hotels and Villas

Urmi Furniture & Wood Works is the Malindi's Largest Manufacturer & retailer of Quality Solid hardwood furniture.

We do not act as a wholesaler; we simply sell large volumes of high quality oak, mango and mahogany furniture at massively reduced prices – direct to the public and commercial hospitality customers. This ethos has led to tremendous growth year upon year

How do we do it?

At Urmi Furniture & Wood Works, we specialise in selling fantastic quality hardwood furniture at unbeatable prices. But how do we do it?

In a nutshell: we cut out the expensive middlemen and always keep costs to a minimum.

Urmi Furniture & Wood Works is the largest furniture retailer in the Malindi, Kenya to make furniture directly. This means that instead of buying from expensive wholesalers who take a lump of profit, we design all our products ourselves and manufacture via experience craftsmen. We are proud to offer over wide ranges of hardwood furniture with items suitable for every corner in the house.

Our business philosophy is to control as much of the process as possible and therefore with the exception of pallet deliveries and parcel couriers (roughly 5% of our deliveries), we do not subcontract to expensive third party services. The vast majority of deliveries are made by our home delivery team, who care as much about your satisfaction as we do.

We minimise our storage requirements by moving our products from our manufacturing unit to our customers’ homes with as few steps in between as possible. Rather than being a storage facility, our office acts as a turnaround depot to receive products from our craftsmen and then dispatch direct to you; the result being significantly reduced lead times and much faster delivery than most other large furniture companies in the Kenya.

We nurture a supportive, can-do culture which stems from our roots as a small, start-up company. This ethos has allowed us to develop an efficient, loyal and motivated workforce, which in turn has contributed greatly to our current position as the market leader for hardwood furniture.